High Voltage electrical installations and High Pressure Pipelines are both very specialist areas within the Utility sector. We have an experienced team that can provide counsultancy services to meet all your needs.

Operations & Maintenance

Managing assets to optimise performance is critically important. To be able to fulfil their duties mechanical and electrical plant requires maintenance programmes that are robust, system of work that are safe and staff properly trained and assessed to undertake the roles they have been chosen for.


We offer our Clients a total High Voltage Electrical and Pipeline engineering solution. Over 80% of our work comprises of design and build solutions from excavation, concrete form-work to electrical installation and final testing and pre-commissioning.


From our dedicated training facility located at Gravesend in Kent we can offer a range of standard courses that range from pure appreciation of Electrical and Gas Networks to detailed specialist courses in specific topics.


Our design process is focused on minimising construction risks while optimising operational performance. The design of High Voltage and High Pressure networks must be based on a solid understanding of first principals to which complex designs can be extrapolated thereafter.


After a site has been constructed the final part of the construction process is commissioning, this is a set of complex and intricate processes that must be completed in a safe and systematic manner to ensure when an installation is energised it works correctly, efficiently and most importantly safely.

Utilligence – Electrical & Pipeline Engineering Consultants & Contractors

We are a specialist Consultancy, Construction and Commissioning Company that have operated in many demanding and diverse markets both in the UK and internationally.
We look to add value at all points within the supply chain from Client Advisor to Solutions Provider, whatever our role you can be sure that we bring a wealth of Technical, Regulatory and Operational knowledge and experience to your High Voltage or Pipeline Project.

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Our Services


  • High Voltage Connections
  • High Pressure Pipeline
  • Cable Selection
  • Sub Stations
  • STOR & Storage


  • Design Reviews
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Technical Advice
  • Operational Advice
  • Operations & Maintenance


  • Civil Engineering
  • Cable and Pipeline Installation
  • Cable and Pipeline Jointing
  • HV Substations
  • HP Offtakes


  • Cable and Pipeline Services
  • Testing, Purging and Commissioning
  • System Protection
  • AP/SAP Services
  • Commissioning Services

Operations & Maintenance

  • Maintenance Programmes
  • Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)
  • Review of Existing Plant
  • Replacement Substations
  • On-site Services


  • High voltage systems & operations
  • High voltage operations
  • Electricity at work regulations
  • Magement of high voltage systems
  • G59 & G99

“Our design process is focused on minimising construction risks whilst optimising operational performance.”

We offer a collaborative approach, working with a carefully selected team of specialist partners to support you in delivering a successful project.

By getting design, operations and processes right at the start of the project, and by ensuring that we engage with your staff, clients, and the regulatory bodies, we are able to assist you in mitigating your technical and commercial project risks over the full lifecycle of your project.

We bring industry best practice and efficient design and operations to your projects from inception, through commissioning and into operations and maintenance.

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