Delivering Net zero

Utilligence is a specialist provider of connectivity solutions for all types of power generation

Powering renewable energy

Power networks are rapidly evolving. In a market sector that is now hyper-focused on renewable sources and energy efficiency, power generators and the networks they connect to are on a journey to deliver rapid, clean, reliable and eco-friendly ways to power their requirements and become greener and more effective.

Utilligence is a specialist provider of connectivity solutions for all types of power generation and networks that rely on engineering excellence to deliver effective solutions in the move to net zero.

Utilligence is transforming how large-scale energy connectivity for power networks is delivered, through its team of highly skilled engineers, in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Designing, developing, implementing and maintaining net zero power connectivity enables clean energy and goes beyond today’s best practices, to provide effective and renewable future-ready solutions.

A global engineering company

Utilligence works with renewable energy developers and backup power providers in the distribution generation sectors around the world.

Our customers connect large scale energy services to public or private power networks and choose Utilligence as their delivery team, thanks to their experience in:


Consultancy & compliance


Project management




Construction & installation


Testing & commissioning


Operations, maintenance & service assurance


Specialist product sales


Comprehensive technical support

We offer a range of services that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs and can provide competitive products and services to ensure that a well-conceived, time and cost-effective, complete solution is delivered.

Engineering excellence

We are justifiably proud of our engineering expertise. All of our team are highly educated engineers who devote their careers to finding and implementing innovative solutions to the most challenging of power industry problems. Our customers truly appreciate the comprehensive and extensive knowledge that comes with dealing with our delivery team, project managers and on-site workers. This abject professionalism sets Utilligence apart and is why so many companies choose us to deliver the most complex and challenging of engineering projects. 

Our customers come first – we have offices throughout the UK and Ireland and international teams who are primed and ready to work in any global timezone.

Beyond project delivery

Utilligence places a high value on the safety of our projects and delivering clean energy solutions that not only meet, but exceed customer, industry and service assurance expectations. 

Project safety is particularly important. We understand the risk involved in complex projects and we can help businesses to mitigate and manage these risks effectively. We continually train our team to keep up to date with the highest safety standards and safety is at the centre of our staff training and quality systems and processes. 

We pride ourselves on being a company that does what we say we are going to do. We don’t walk away when things get challenging – we revel in unravelling complex problems, to mitigate risk and streamline project delivery. We constantly work to find solutions to the most difficult of problems and our aftersales service extends beyond the project timescale, to ensure that our customers feel safe in the knowledge that Utilligence is the ideal project partner to execute on the most challenging of requirements.

Our own pledge to be greener

As a promoter of large scale renewable solutions, we help businesses and communities on their journey to net zero. We work with many forms of renewables, including solar, wind, biofuels, waste-to-energy and, more recently, hydrogen from renewable sources. 

We don’t just help others to achieve net zero – we also monitor our own supply chain and organisational processes, to ensure we are doing our part in the move towards a greener future.  Our engineering credentials mean that our team is constantly looking at proactive ways that we can do business in a greener, more efficient manner. 

We look to renewable sources for our own supplies and equipment, we drive green vehicles and are carbon offsetting many areas of our business, working to become net zero, with a climate-positive workforce. 

Of course, any genuine waste electrical items that are used in our projects are disposed of following the WEE guidance in the UK, and we adhere to similar stringent standards wherever in the world we are working. 

We also reinvest in and work with our local communities on projects and initiatives to help those who need it most.

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