We offer our Clients a total High Voltage Electrical engineering solution. Over 80% of our work comprises of design and build solutions from excavation, concrete formwork to electrical installation and final testing and pre-commissioning.

Civil Engineering – excavations and foundations

Design and construction of bespoke foundations to support large and complex electrical infrastructure and Buildings.

Cable Installation – 33kV

Working either in the highway or on site work, our installations teams are highly experienced and qualified at excavating and cable installation and pulling.

Cable jointing  – 33kV

Our jointing teams have many years’ experience gained working on leading cable and jointing systems.

Sub Stations – 33kV

Installing in house designed pre-fabricated sub-stations to building complete sub-stations on site we offer a range of sub-station solutions for both temporary and permanent applications.

“We offer our Clients specific advice based upon knowledge and experience that begins the process of de-risking the most complex of projects both technically and commercially.”

Pipeline  Installation <30bar

Working on the highway, on private land or on site, our Project Management and Installation Teams are highly experienced in laying and welding steel and PE pipe and fittings as well as installing all required pipeline protection coatings and systems.

High Pressure Offtakes

Construction, Testing and Commissioning of High Pressure Offtakes from local LTS systems – including <class 600 plant, Pre/Post heating, Acoustic Housings, Metering, Controls and Communication equipment.

IP/MP Pressure Reducing and Metering Stations (PRSM)

Construction, Testing and Commissioning of IP/MP Connections, Single and Multi-stream PRSM skid units, Acoustic Housings, Metering, Control and Communication equipment.

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