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Design, build and engineering

Utilligence’s design and construction expertise in both DCOs and NSIPs (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects) means that we can always find the right solution, however challenging your site or installation.

We offer a comprehensive design service, from initial planning through to detailed design, and offer a range of both on and offsite construction options to deliver the most efficient solution, including prefabricated offsite builds that can help to reduce environmental impacts, accelerate delivery times and bolster safety by delivering fully tested housing and equipment to site that is fully connection ready. 

We meet all current guidelines for deploying environmentally-friendly solutions and continue to innovate in this space, in the move towards net zero.

Design, build and engineering

Your power engineering experts

Utilligence is justifiably proud of our highly competent, multi-discipline engineering services and the insightful, complete solutions that we deliver. Our wide-ranging skillset gives our customers a more assured service, with less dependence on multiple outsourcing, giving them a more streamlined, risk-averse service. 

Our services include:

Comprehensive site surveys and civil engineering services: Including undertaking environmental, Geotech and soil surveys, air and noise reporting, traffic management and community impact studies, to fully ensure site readiness.

Mechanical engineering services, including the identification of any disconnection and diversion services, design around existing utilities, impact and risk assessments, optimised containment (both above and below ground), site, plant and connectivity safety assurance and optimised services delivery.

Electrical engineering services. Our team are highly trained in electrical safety, and our comprehensive skillset with both high, extra high and low voltage ensures safe, efficient and straightforward connectivity.

A full design and build service - both prefab solutions and traditional construction, including foundation, services and building design, and electrical and civil drawings, cable and protection studies, in a complete turnkey design package.

We are an ICP for the design, construction and commissioning of equipment, up to 132kV.

Detailed FEED designs, with fully visualised plans.

The design, build and commissioning of panels to satisfy the requirements of G99 (parallel connection of generators, P28 sequential closing of transformers and G100 reverse power monitoring and control).

Switchgear design, including electrical protection schemes, relay selection, custom wiring designs, and the internal coding of protection relays.

High-level feasibility connection services.

Construction of electrical housing: We develop specialist construction for utilities and services.

Construction of any other necessary utility buildings.

Supplying and engaging trusted partners and services for civil works.

We now also offer a service for the design and construction of a number of bespoke devices, such as:


Fail-safe wireless communication between switchgear, for high-speed intertrip and interlocking


Remote alarm monitoring, using 4G or local WIFI and Internet


Remote operation of plant, using 4G or local WIFI and Internet


Alarm annunciators for identification of transformer alarms