Our design process is focussed on minimising construction risks while optimising operational performance. The design of High Voltage and High Pressure networks must be based on a solid understanding of first principals to which complex designs can be extrapolated thereafter.

High Voltage Connections


Voltage, Harmonic, Earthing and Protection studies are required to ensure plant is designed in a safe and consistent method. We work with you to source the raw data required and deduce from the data the optimum outcomes.

Cable Selection

Assessment of loads against cable losses to ensure cost effective performance.

Sub Stations

Designs are undertaken from simple connections to complex generating plant with operating controls and real time communications

STOR & Storage

We have designed and commissioned many electrically connected gas powered STOR generating plants for international clients. We are also actively integrating grid storage solutions to renewable generating plants.

“Our design process is focused on minimising construction risks while optimising operational performance.”

High Pressure Pipeline


Existing or new load and network analysis studies and reviews.

Pipe selection

Assessment of all environmental and operating factors to ensure the best cost solution is optimised.

Pressure Reduction Stations (PRS)

From simple PRS meter connections to complex offtakes incorporating pre or post heating and multiple streams.

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