Mallard Pass



Project details:

  • Client – Windel Energy and Canadian Solar – Mallard Pass Solar Farm

  • Type – Solar generation infrastructure design

  • Contract – 350MW solar farm 

  • DNO – National Grid

  • Voltage – 350kV

  • Connection – 132kV 

Project info:

NSIPs (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects) are large scale projects of national importance in the UK. They require an application to the Secretary of State for business, energy and industrial strategy for a DCO – a Development Consent Order. Mallard Pass Solar Farm is one such site, with a proposed solar farm that will generate in the region of 350mw of renewable energy.

Located on the border of Lincolnshire and Rutland, the solar farm is a large scale project between Windel Energy and Canadian Solar. 

Utilligence was recommended to the project via an existing client, thanks to their prior experience in successfully delivering and consulting on DCO solar projects. This experience and in-house engineering excellence positioned Utilligence to fully understand the impact the site would have on the national grid, the potential possible power yields that could be realised and to identify and mitigate the kind of potential issues from the early stage of the design process of such a large scale project. This prior experience means they are able to understand the many challenges that come with connecting an up to 400kV grid connection.

Utilligence advised and developed the initial design and will also develop the detailed design once planning is granted (estimated in early 2024). 


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