Operations and maintenance services

In addition to Utilligence’s design, build and engineering services, we also support existing sites of all sizes and power sources with comprehensive operations and maintenance services and technical support. 

Working on either an ad-hoc or contracted basis, our response team has a variety of solutions, whatever your site’s unique challenges.

Your reliable service provider

We have a number of operations and maintenance contracts where we provide planned maintenance services. This work is carried out with the inclusion of the DNO, to ensure that all aspects of the site, including the crucial interface to the DNO is operating correctly.

We also provide a call out service for our own customers and customers of other HV companies where they are unable to identify complex network, control and protection problems.

Using our internal virtual control centre, we ensure that all HV switching operations are carried out to our own high-quality set of electrical safety rules.

Our O&M services include:

Supply and installation of plant and equipment

Equipment commissioning

Onsite testing services - our commissioning engineers can test all switchgear, cables, transformers and protection relays

Typical tests include very-low-frequency tests, tan delta testing, potential discharge measurements, sweep frequency analysis on transformers, earthing and soil testing and 3 phase current and voltage injection testing

Our commissioning engineers are also able to interrogate protection schemes, to ascertain the cause of any incident and to fault find in plant and equipment.

Cable fault location services

Repair services

Replacement services (like-for-like or upgrade, including design work)

Maintenance services for existing equipment

Technical support

As part of our design process for all in-house projects, our technical department can run power system studies on small or large scale power systems. Using advanced DNO standard software packages, we are able to perform the studies needed for a generation plant to be connected to DNO’s and the National Grid.

A typical range of studies used on a generation design may include the following:


P28, to review the means of energising transformers on the network to avoid step changes in voltages and to ensure that any flicker is minimised.


G5, to calculate harmonics generated by the system, to ensure that the generation is within limits demanded by DNO and NG.


Earthing studies, to ensure that earthing is effective in managing touch and step voltages.


Fault level studies, to ensure that the plant used is capable of withstanding fault currents.


Cable rating studies, to determine the best type and size of cable, taking into account load current, fault current and system losses.


Protection discrimination and settings studies, to ensure that protection operates correctly.


Dynamic system studies, to look at the effects that sudden changes have on the network.

We currently have over 160MW of power under our management services, a number that is growing all the time. Our technical team’s unparalleled experience ensures we always find the optimal solutions for all our customers. 

Utilligence not only works to all current regulatory standards, but we instil our own standards of excellence throughout our entire organisation, ensuring there is no one better to manage your ongoing maintenance programme.