Operations & Maintenance

Managing assets to optimise performance is critically important. Mechanical and electrical plant require maintenance programmes that are robust. Safe systems of work need to be in place and staff should be properly trained and assessed to undertake their specific roles.

Maintenance Programmes

Both routine and non-routine maintenance programmes based on risk have their place within a proactive Operations & Maintenance system. Our Engineers and Consultants can offer advice and practical knowledge when compiling maintenance programmes for all types of operating environments and budgets.

Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)

All staff have to comply with a set of rules to ensure their safety. A practical SSOW, if followed correctly, will mitigate risk to engineers and non-engineers alike, and is essential for any company in the UK operating High Pressure and High Voltage equipment.

“Managing assets to optimise performance is critically important. This requires maintenance programmes that are robust, systems of work that are safe and properly trained staff.”

Removable/Replacement  Sub-Stations

We offer a range of containerised sub-station solutions that can be incorporated into a strategic programme for either temporary power or to replace aging or faulty plant.

High Voltage Load Banks

We have developed a range of 11kV and Utilligence High Voltage Mobile Load Banks that can be delivered to site to test generating plant and equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

On Site Services

Experienced Maintenance Teams are available to undertake critical High Pressure and High Voltage routine and non-routine maintenance services.

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