Shoreham Harbour wind turbines/ Norvento wind energy Ltd

Project details:

  • Client – Norvento Wind Energy Ltd

  • Type – Onshore wind turbine

  • Contract – ICP full works

  • DNO – UK Power Networks (UKPN)

  • Voltage – LV

  • Connection – “T” connection

Norvento Wind Energy Ltd is part of Norvento Enerxia, a European renewable energy company. 

Project info:

The business purchased the right to construct 2 x 100kW wind turbines as part of Shoreham Port Authority’s drive to improve their revenue generation and reduce their carbon footprint. A busy commercial port just outside Brighton on the south coast, the site that was earmarked for the turbines was situated on the waterfront next to public footpaths and within reach of seasonal high tides.

To ensure onsite safety and project efficiency, Utilligence, in partnership with Shoreham Port Authority and Norvento Wind Energy, devised complex work programmes to ensure that construction was completed safely, but with regard for concrete operations for the construction of the foundations.

An extra-long concrete pumping system was designed to minimise plant operations on the waterfront to ensure the least possible disruption and to protect passers-by. Connecting the turbines were particularly complicated, as they were tied into the private network that also operated the harbour pumps and locks, neither of which could be disrupted in any way. 

Utilligence designed a new control panel to manage all the additional loads, with a discreet G59 relay to ensure full compliance with UKPN requirements.

The first phase of the project was completed in 2016. Now, in 2022, Utilligence is working with Norvento once more on a hydrogen project at the same site.

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