Shuttleworth Solar Farm

Project details:

  • Client – Wircon GMBH (Wirsol Energy)

  • Type – solar generating 5MW

  • Contract – ICP full works

  • DNO – Electricity North West (ENW) ltd

  • Voltage – 33,000V

  • Connection – loop in loop

Project info:

Wircon GMBH is a leading international renewable energy company, with a focus on delivering solar energy parks around the world. Utilligence has been supporting its UK projects since 2014.

One of those projects was Shuttleworth Solar Farm  – a fast build project in 2016 that suffered local DNO network connection problems and party easement issues. It was feared that the site would not make the ROC (Renewable Obligations Cerificate) guillotine date within the tight timeframe – there was just a three month timeframe to build, install and connect the system.

Fearing that the site would not make the deadline, Wircon asked Utilligence to intervene and take control of the programme of works. Utilligence gained technical acceptance by Electricity North West to convert to a containerised substation solution. This substation was built with all ancillary plant and equipment offsite, then was delivered, connected, tested and commissioned in the presence of the Electricity North West team. Easement issues were resolved through proactive engagement with the 3rd party landowners and Electricity North West’s legal team. Being a neutral third party helped to bring a calm and order to the situation to present a clear and balanced representation of the project. 

Once these challenges had been resolved, all civil, earthing and cable works were completed in time, with the site meeting DNO acceptance criteria and the project being successfully connected and energised before the deadline had passed. 

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