Solar park upgrades & maintenance

If you own, manage or run a solar park, you’ll know that finding solar PV companies who can maintain your equipment is critical. Not only does regular solar farm maintenance and servicing help to ensure peak performance and optimal output, but you’re also at increased risk of technical and operational issues. In fact, your site insurance can easily become invalidated if you fail to maintain your solar equipment.

Upgrading your solar park through repowering or revamping your PV system can:

  1. Improve your asset performance
  2. Reduce your operational and maintenance costs
  3. Integrate with the latest technology to ensure your products remain insured and in warranty
  4. Increase your PV panels’ lifespan and ROI by as much as 40%

In 2020, more than 67GW of solar capacity turned 20 years old (or older). That’s a lot of equipment that is out of date, out of insurance cover and not performing to its optimal capabilities.

As solar panels and solar farm technology reach their end of warranty or subsidy periods, the most cost-effective option isn’t necessarily a complete replacement, but a consultative approach with solar PV experts, Utilligence, who can advise on the best way to revamp or repower your existing PV system.

Should I Repower or Revamp My Solar Park PV System?

Utilligence is one of the leading expert solar PV companies, and are experts in renewable energy installation, connectivity and maintenance. Our team can advise you on whether your solar farm is better suited to being revamped or repowered.

A system revamp returns an ageing solar plant to its original capacity, while repowering your system goes further, and improves on your original asset’s capabilities, giving you high output solar panels that can optimise your return on investment.

The outcomes from a PV solar revamp or repower would mean:

  1. Replacement of any obsolete components, like inverters and PV modules
  2. Improving your grid connection and redistributing the system
  3. Replacing the balance of the system
  4. Adding retrofit technologies
  5. Installing new software platforms

The ultimate aim is to restore (revamp) or increase (repowering) your solar assets’ original total direct current (DC) power, to ensure that your PV system is performing at its optimal performance.

Solar services we offer: 


Work within your existing site constraints to deliver a cost effective and efficient solution


Update a live solar site, with minimal downtime

Manage our solar equipment supply chains to ensure you get the most suitable equipment, as needed

We take care of all necessary planning and permissions work, so you don’t have to

Inverter revamping

Module revamping and repowering

Full solar farm revamping or overhauls

Why choose Utilligence as your solar farm maintenance partner? 

  • Competitive prices – we pride ourselves on providing O&M solutions that meet your needs and your budget. We work with the leading solar PV companies to source and deliver the best prices on parts and repairs
  • Rapid response – from rapid supply chain order and delivery, to quick onsite callout response, we are O&M experts, who understand that downtime is money. We'll be there in a flash
  • Solar experts – we run our own domestic and commercial solar business, Palau Solar, so we understand better than most the intricacies of solar power. We've also advised on and installed some of the UKs most significant renewable energy projects

Why Revamp or Repower Solar PV Assets? 

Repowering or revamping a solar park translates into a wide range of benefits. These include:  

  • Maintaining performance by replacing worn equipment
  • Reducing or eliminating failure rates
  • Reducing business downtime
  • Further increasing the lifespan of your assets, improving your longer-term ROI

As some legacy solar PV companies and manufacturers have left the market, your warranties may be invalid. This can make sourcing parts or making repairs a costly and time-consuming prospect. Replacement parts can be hard to find and making them work with legacy equipment can be challenging. Yet recent advancements make today’s PV solar technology far more efficient than legacy systems, often with a smaller footprint and renewed warranties. It is also considerably more cost-effective, offering long term savings and continued compliance with the latest industry regulations.

Utilligence is expert in solar energy. Our business is power connectivity, and we specialise in renewable energy technology. We have operational solar projects around the world and access to the latest technology and solutions. Our team has decades of experience delivering solar PV projects and can help find the best solution for your solar farm.

Your solar power partners

If you’re in the business of solar PV energy, ensuring your system continues to operate at peak performance is essential. Utilligence can manage this process for you, ensuring you increase your solar production, improve performance consistency and drastically reduce failure rates and TCO. Your warranties will be updated, with unrivalled access to spare parts, and a range of support plans, to ensure that we’re here when you need us.  

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