St Helens Backup Power Generation

Project details:

  • Client – Sterling and Wilson

  • Type –  Gas fired backup power generation

  • Contract – ICP full works

  • DNO – Electricity North West

  • Voltage – 14MW and 11kV

  • Connection –  11kV, connection 33kV

      Project info:

      As part of the UK’s move towards net zero, distributed, local power generation is becoming increasingly important. One of the key pieces needed to solve this environmental challenge is to have strategic power backup systems in place, to manage local peaks and flows of energy consumption and ensure there is a Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR). 

      Utilligence undertook the project to provide backup power generation at the St. Helens site, in this move to create more local STOR sites around the UK. The project encapsulated the design, installation, connection and commissioning of the site.  

      The St Helen’s site was an old former car park in an urban location, and the site had a number of issues that needed to be resolved before work could safely begin, to clear contaminated and corrosive material, as part of the enabling works. Once the site was ready, the major civil works were passed over to another contractor, before Utilligence rapidly delivered their solution, connecting the generators, substations and transformers to deliver a fully operational local STOR site to service the Merseyside area.

      The project was completed in a nine-month timeline in 2019.

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