From our dedicated training facility located at Gravesend in Kent, we can offer the following courses.

The management of high voltage systems

This is a one day course for people who manage HV networks from data centres to solar and wind farms and is designed to inform them of the regulations and standards that they should implement.

High voltage operations

This is a 2-5 day course which is designed for engineers newly appointed to look after HV networks and also as a refresher course for those who have completed some training in the past. The 5 day course provides training on the regulations and rules affecting HV sites and allows the opportunity to operate switchgear in a dead and safe environment and to programme, set and test a variety of protection relays.


This two day course works through the ENA’s requirements for the interconnection of generating plant to the DNO known as G59/3 and covers the systems required and the installation of protection. It offers training on the testing and setting of a number of common G59 protection relays for engineers with a existing knowledge of Relay operation and testing

Electricity at work regulations

This is a one day course for all people who work with electricity at work and covers all of the requirements of the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations.

Course delivery

We are fully aware of the problem of releasing a number of staff at the same time for a long course. One solution we can offer is to provide training courses for a number of our clients. This would allow your company to send two or three people at a time rather than all staff at once. Our experience has shown that interaction between engineers from different companies can be an added benefit. Alternatively, we can run a four or five day course over two or three weeks to reduce the impact of losing staff for long periods of time. This will also enable us to set some homework.

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