Utilligence has a wide range of transformers available to our customers. Whether it’s step up, step down or low or high voltage, we have a wide range of transformers to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Power transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Cast Resin transformers
  • Low loss transformers

We don’t just offer off-the-shelf transformers, but we work with our customers to deliver a customised, bespoke transformer to suit your unique network requirements. Our design team has expert low and high voltage engineers to ensure that we can design transformers and control systems of any size, voltage or type.

For customers who are making the move towards net zero, we also offer transformers that harness biodegradable, non-corrosive oils, as well as solid-state versions. As part of our bespoke service, we can design to your unique safety requirements, or a transformer that operates under specific fault conditions. You tell us what you need, and we’ll design it!

Utilligence also offers a transformer testing and diagnostic service, to identify issues and optimise performance.

Utilligence transformer services: 


The amount of renewable generation that is being installed on electrical networks is rising each year. The power electronics integrated into solar PV, wind turbines and battery energy storage schemes are increasing in power output. To reduce losses, the voltages from inverters are approaching 1000V on the LV side of the transformer. Sizes of transformers are also increasing - from what used to be a standard 1MVA, to 6 or 7MVA. Transformers are also often provided with two windings on the LV side, to reduce the current to a more manageable level and to reduce fault levels.


Transformers are therefore quite often uniquely specified for particular applications.


Some clients require liquid-cooled transformers, while others require cast resin.


To satisfy this demand, Utilligence has our own in-house design department, both for the actual transformer and for the design of the network that the transformer is integrated into. This means that we will not only specify the parameters of the transformer, but we will design an appropriate protection scheme too. This can range from simple overcurrent and earth fault protection, to multi ended transformer differential protection and negative phase sequence protection of the LV side of the transformer. Restricted earth fault protection can also be applied to the JV and LV windings.


Of course, specifying the transformer and the protection is only part of our work. Our specialist transformer team will oversee the construction and factory testing of the transformer in our ISO9001 factory. 


Our design team will then produce drawings for the protection scheme and have this built by our panel manufacturers to our agreed specifications.


We arrange for delivery and installation of the transformer, and carry out all necessary tests, including the cables and protection schemes, before signoff and handover. 


We also offer transformer inspection and replacement services.

Low loss distribution transformers

We provide transformers that meet tiers one and two of the EU Eco Design Directive and are fully compliant with industry standards, including BS, IEC and ANSI. 

 For a transformer with reduced fire risk and optimised environmental performance, our efficient distribution transformers are an ideal option, to support adherence to the stringent environmental standards of your site. We have distributed transformers available that use fully biodegradable transformer fluid, with the added benefit of enabling a safe increase on transformer loading, or a transformer size reduction.  

 A wide range of switchgear can complement all of our power transformers – either closed coupled or free standing as required. 

 All of Utilligence’s transformer designs can be configured to meet your specific requirements - get in touch to find out how we can help.  

Distribution transformers

Designed to support your power requirements, we can supply both standard and special designs for a multitude of different applications.

We offer a range of insulation options, including liquid-filled and dry, with reduced fire risk and improved environmental features.


Power transformers

Utilligence gives customers the capacity to supply transformers from 5MVA to 1000MVA and 415V to 750kV. 

Package transformers

We offer MV or LV mounted, free-standing, distribution boards and complete containerised solutions.  

Cast resin transformers

We manufacture and supply up to 25MVA and 36kV. Our cast resin transformers can be provided in an IP55 enclosure and fans to improve performance and energy rating.  

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