Cummins Power Group

Project details:

  • Client – Cummins Power Group

  • Type – gas-fired power generation

  • Contract – 200MW


  • Voltage – 11kV and 33kV

  • Connection – “T” connection and LiLo

    Project info:

    Cummins Power Group (CPG) are a global manufacturer and installer of gas and diesel-fired generating units. The company was contracted to design and install circa 200MW of gas-fired generation at multiple sites around the UK, under the National Grid’s STOR programme.

    Utilligence was engaged to support the HV design process for each site and further supported CPG by undertaking voltage, harmonic, earthing and protection studies and designs for approximately 10 sites around the country – all with different DNOs, voltages and site-specific challenges. Although each site was similar in design, site control and methodologies were all unique as a result of local factors.

    The company supplied HV design work, commissioning and SAPs (Senior Authorised Persons) for the projects and undertook various construction, testing and commissioning tasks as the projects evolved.

    Utilligence devised clever interlocking and inter-tripping design works for each site. CPG’s own in-house system design was extremely complex and there was a struggle to connect it to the DNO – Utilligence completely redesigned the communications part of the DNO panel in order to ensure stable connectivity, operating within the DNO directives. They worked closely with each DNO to ensure that all the sites were compliant with their respective requirements. 

    Once the sites were built, Utilligence’s team of highly skilled commissioning engineers worked alongside CPG’s own team to fully commission and document each site. Utilligence also undertook all the G59 witness testing with the local DNO’s. The end result was that final work on all sites was completed in 2019.

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